NEWS     February 2, 2012 2:45 AM:  Summer is right around the corner!  Call now to reserve a professional development program for the start of your new school year.

Welcome to Educational Services and Professional Development

The exponential growth of Islamic schools (full time, part time, and weekends) in the United States and the west has created a dire need for qualified and experienced educators to share their knowledge and tested practical skills to transform Islamic institutions toward excellence.

It is with great pleasure we introduce to you a new project of the Islamic Services Foundation (ISF), Educational Services and Professional Development (ESPD).

Considering and understanding the competitive nature of education and schooling, ESPD strives to facilitate excellent educational services for the growth, improvement, enhancement and fulfillment of Islamic schools, educators and students aspiring to compete and reach their goals, not only in Islamic Education, but in Academic excellence as well.

ESPD has these expert skills to help establish Islamic schools, improve performance of existing schools and provide first class professional development services for current teaching and administrative staff.

With a keen focus on quality, ESPD will meet your educational needs and make a difference in the achievement of students, involvement of parents, performance level of staff, and positively impact the overall culture of your institution, Insha’Allah.

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ESPD to Visit New York Area

ESPD will be visiting the New York area the end of May.  Contact read more

Student Services Now Available

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